A fellow Firetruck...

I read an article not long ago entitled ‘The Culture of Impatience and Instant Gratification’, which basically said that us – the younger generation – have become accustomed to immediate feedback leading to an erosion of patience and, as the article implies, serious problems.

Now before we go into these serious problems, let me say that we are not all doomed. I, for one, quite enjoy the culture we have made for ourselves – I don’t want to wait four days for a delivery when I could get it tomorrow (thanks Amazon!), I like that I can watch my pizza cooking and when it’s out for delivery, I like that I can contact people all across the world by a simple touch of a button.

What I enjoy most of all is that technology has afforded us the power to find people online with similar interests to us, living similar lives, and indeed, with similar impromptu purchases. And not only did I find one, but many Fire Engine/ Campervan conversion projects all across the UK and Europe.

The Instagram algorithm has meant that based on the accounts that I follow, my news feed is full of self-build camper vans, Fire Engines and Mercedes T2s. Turns out we are just down the road from a couple who are in the process of converting a Mercedes 609D into a mobile home... who knew?! Shout out to you @steady.away!

Then came @vorde_the_firetruck who had just invested in a 1983, Mercedes LF 608D - basically, just a younger version of ours! In some ways, we were quite lucky with Max as she came with all the original firefighting equipment - pumps, engines, hoses, gas masks, ladders etc. - and others, like Vorde, did not. Vorde arrived as an empty vessel, and it's owner - a designer from London - wanted some of the things that we didn't! 

On her way to a festival in Yorkshire, Vorde's owner arrived shared with me her plans. A much more creative and hands-on individual than I, she took a number of items and planned to give them a new lease of life - like turning the hoses into a sofa! Wow. I can't wait to see it.

Not wanting to leave the original 8ft double ladders behind, we somehow managed to squeeze them into a Ford Fiesta and off she went... 

Cheers to you, Vorde, for giving some of this stuff a home!

Jasmine Wheelhouse