An empty vessel

Progress is slow here at Fire Truck Camper HQ. In the midst of scraping walls, burning layer-upon-layer of thick paint off of door frames and skirting board and questioning the sanity of why anybody in their right mind would wallpaper the ceiling, we somehow managed to empty the Fire Engine. 

Despite spending seven years in Devon to two owners, neither had done anything to the interior, which meant Max came fully equipped to fight fires, if we so desired. What it actually meant that we had a LOT of stuff we had no space for, like an entirely separate engine held in the body of the cab, used to pump water from the hydrants. 


Eventually, we managed to remove all the custom-built, screwed-down and pinned-in racks for all the fire fighting equipment - which for the most part, was quite straight forward. Some of the crew cab bolts had eroded away and I resorted to brute force (my favourite approach to renovations) to remove the crew bench. 


We ended up doing quite a few trips to the skip with the amount of bits and pieces - shelving, furniture etc - that was inside the van. The remaining bits of fire fighting equipment and the engine in the back, we auctioned off at Golding, Mawer & Young in Grantham. Whilst this seemed like a good idea at the time because we felt like it should have gone to a Fire Engine / Mercedes Benz enthusiast or a historian of some kind, in reality I think it went to someone who took it directly to the scrap metal yard and cashed in on one tonne of whatever it was made of...

Nevertheless, we finally managed to create a space that somehow resembled (use your imaginations, please!) our future living space.

Drum roll please!