An impromptu purchase

A week ago to the day, I made an impromptu purchase. I’d call it a midlife crisis, but I’m 26… so, perhaps not. Quarter-life? Perhaps.

Now, before I begin, let me tell you that this is not your normal quarter-life crisis impromptu purchase. There’s not a cat, unnecessarily large cinema screen TV with surround sound speakers, or a bright red sports car in sight.

It is in fact a Mercedes-Benz LF 408G, registered 1970.

To you and I, that’s a fire engine. I bought a Fire Engine.

Not only did I buy it; I went against every rule in the vehicle-buying book and did so without viewing it first. I mean, we do live in Leeds and this beauty was parked up in a farmer’s field in Devon – was it really worth the trip? Any sane person would say that yes, it was.

Similarly, I did so without the agreement of the other half. As always, I got very excited about a new potential (ad)venture and Rupert was much more realistic and down to earth about the whole thing. ‘It’s cool, but it doesn’t really fit in with our lives right now, does it, Jasmine?’

I heard, ‘Awesome! Let’s buy it!’

Three days later, it arrived on a big yellow low-loader and was reversed onto our drive.

Since then, many a conversation has been had about what we shall do with it. Coffee van? No, too boring. Mobile bar? No, already got one of those. Campervan? Oooh, yes!

It is, I can confirm, in a fantastic condition for its age. It comes with two keys, a logbook and all the relevant documentation – in German, no less – as it has spent all of its life serving as a Fire Engine in Germany.

This is the start of our journey: from Fire Engine to Campervan; from a comfortable and proper life in Leeds, to… well, let’s see!