Gin for the win!

Just last week we launched our resident Gin Blogger competition. Yep, we were looking for someone who knew their lemon from their lime, their orris root from your coriander seed... Basically, an all round gin-buff. We searched far and wide, across the highlands and the lowlands, across all the seas and shores and wow, we were blown away!

We had some *amazing* applications from all across the country - some from experienced writers, some who just fancied themselves as gin experts, and some who just liked the idea of free gin (I mean, who doesn't!). Our judges got their heads together and we are delighted to announce the winner of our competition is:

Steph & Michael Whyte


The couple, who live in Edinburgh are absolutely delighted to win the competition with their review of Pickering's Navy Strength Gin (which will be featured as our November Gin of the Month shortly). But first, a little bit about them:

Stephanie and Michael Whyte are amateur gin enthusiasts based in Edinburgh. They share a love of all things gin - and have recently turned a family heirloom dresser into a gin bar. How ideal. They love to mix up new and exciting ways to enjoy their gin - and truly believe that it's not that you don't like gin, it's just that you're drinking it wrong! You can read more of Steph's writing on her own blog:

Congratulations to you both! We simply cannot wait to hear all about your gintastic adventures...