No power steering? Are you mad?


The van arrived promptly on 6th April 2017 before 9am. After Tony, the delivery driver, handed over all of the documentation and keys, I handed them back for him to reverse it into our not-so-narrow-but-feels-narrow-to-me driveway. For a man who drives a lowloader for a living, I didn’t think this was too much of a big ask – though he did struggle to turn the thing on and then to find the bite.

C’mon Tony! You can do it.

Before he left, he declared his love for powder steering and announced that he was glad he wasn’t driving anywhere in it. Each to their own, eh?

Exploring the exterior was cut short by the biggest spider I think I’ve ever seen, and so, now I’m reviewing the accompanying documentation. For a vehicle registered in 1970 with a few different owners (as I have now discovered), I’m surprised it has this much paperwork in tact. It’s all in German though, so it’s not that much use. Memories of GCSE German lessons have come flooding back to me (oh, why didn’t I pay more attention!) and once again I have found myself thanking god for Google Translate.

We’ve named her Max. 

Here's a few snaps..