One for the checklist

When I was 17, I dreamt up my ultimate Europe road trip with a friend. We would travel through the UK, enjoying the beautiful greenery that our country has to offer before hopping on the ferry in Dover and driving, well, wherever our young hearts took us. 

In actual fact, it was much more planned out than that. We each took pen to paper and decided all the places we'd like to go, from Norway to Croatia, and everywhere in between. We even mapped the whole thing out on Google Maps. Unfortunately, it was the financial aspect of this trip - in reality, we had no money - meant it never happened. I have never stopped dreaming. One day, I will travel.

It's been over a decade since I first mapped out my dream trip, and it has been interspersed with the most wonderful holidays and trips all around the world and of course, every day life continued - but I have never stopped dreaming. Every time I take a trip, I don't want to come back. I think of how good it would be to just pick up your bags and move on to the next location without a care in the world. To follow a road because you can, not because you have somewhere to go.

Our latest trip took us to Corsica; a stunning island in the Mediterranean Sea, somewhere between France and Italy. Booked on my favourite website, Secret Escapes, the deal was offered as a Mark Warner adventure holiday - which allowed a healthy balance between my mum and I - the sun-worshipping goddesses that we are, and my Dad and Rupert, who seem to think that cycling up a mountain until you are physically sick (yes, this happened) is a fun way to spend a holiday. 

No, mountain biking was not on the relaxing holiday agenda for Mum and I, but we did manage to find an activity that we could all enjoy.

Paddle boarding. 

Once we had got over the initial balance issues - the trick is to keep your feet parallel - then we were off. And it was amazing. The sea was so still and clear you could be almost a hundred feet out and still see the bottom. It provided a perfect opportunity for snorkelling, and is fantastic exercise - especially for someone like me who is certain that my 'core' doesn't exist. 

The dream now includes having a roof rack to hold all of our adventure equipment. Paddle boards, kayak, skis, and yes, maybe even a couple of mountain bikes. Best get saving.