The Long Road Home


Each year in August, I treat myself to a wall calendar for the following year. It's early (and boring), I know. I'm pretty sure they only print them the week before I place my order - I'm that keen. Upon it's arrival, I open it in excitement and pin it to the wall. 

For a week, it sat there, bare as the day it was born. 'This cannot be!' I thought to myself, 'it must be filled!' Armed with a pen and paper (old school!), I picked up the phone. Within a day, I had booked meetings in venues in eight different locations across Scotland. My final phone call of the day was to my mother, 'do you want to come on a road trip?' I asked. 'Yes, I'll pack now', she said. 

All credit to her, let me add. She didn't ask where; nor how long we were going for; not even when? Clearly, she knows me well. Not long later, I pulled up outside her house. She got in. Like Max and Paddy, we set off.

Now, for those of you that don't know, we are based in Leeds. From there, Scotland is well, far. Okay, I'll admit, the journey there - and around Scotland - was brilliant Full of high spirits, we laughed and joked, reminisced about old times and talked about future plans, laughed some more, cried a little, ate (a lot) and drove some more. Repeat a few more times and the adventure is almost complete. 

The drive home was not fun. We had exhausted our iTunes playlists and conversation topics (yes, we'd travelled that far!) and managed to locate the narrowest country road to come home on. Then Paddy fell asleep. 

Oh well, the wall calendar is looking busier. So far, we've got 4 events in Scotland, a couple below the border and even a wee exploration into a different kind of tipple... Find out more here. See you in 2018, folks!