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The van has now been  a permanent resident on our driveway for a few weeks – much to the amusement of our neighbours, I might add – and I have gotten a bit bored of it just sitting there. Despite having been driven over from Germany seven years previous, the previous owners didn't think to register it in the UK. Still on German plates and with no British MOT history, it is actually stuck on our drive – just like it had been stuck in the field in Devon – for the foreseeable future: or until I could can it MOT’d.

It turns out that getting an MOT on 1) a vintage vehicle, 2) a European import and 3) one that is over 3500kg (therefore, classed as a HGV) is rather difficult, despite what the DVLA/DVSA will have you believe.

Surprisingly, it is not the DVL/SA that is the problem. Yes, okay, I have spent more time than I would care to admiton the phone to different departments, and have spoken to a lot of people told me different stories, but I eventually got through to Elaine, a.k.a. wonder woman, who made this whole thing seem so easy.

Elaine, thank you for your support, but I have since discovered that it is not easy feat. Ordinarily, when arranging an MOT, you tell the person in the garage the make and model of the vehicle and that’s it – within a few minutes, you’re booked in. Alas, it’s not that simple for big red.

Turns out that despite having a VIN/Chassis Number, the system that garages use to register a vehicle for an MOT, does not have records for an LF 408 G. Surprise, surprise!

Elaine has assured me that it is possible to manually input a vehicle into the MOT system and has given me step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Now, all I have to do was find a garage willing to do so. As it turns out, there are very few garages that are willing within the Yorkshire area. Despite explaining the process as described by Elaine, when I tell them it is over 3.5 tonnes, or when I say it’s not even registered in the UK yet, I am met with ‘no, it won’t fit on our ramp,’ or ‘you need to register it first…’

But wait, DVSA say it needs to MOT’d before I can register it in the UK, and get those all-important UK-plates.

The cycle continues…

I’ll keep you updated.