A sorry excuse

I'm sure many are reading this and wondering why it is actually taking us so long to get started on this build. I'm sorry to say this, but it has actually fallen to the bottom of the pile. 

You see, before we bought this Fire Engine, we bought an old Richardson Horse Trailer, and before that, well... we bought a house. Yes, that's right. Three bedrooms, a bathroom, two sitting rooms, a kitchen and a garden that would allow Usain Bolt to practice the 100m sprint comfortably. 


It took about six months for the novelty of the avocado green bathroom, velvet, moth-eaten curtains and the wooden clad, chalet-style kitchen to wear off before we felt a compulsive need to change it. Instead of beginning the renovations, we - okay, I - decided that a Gin Bar Horse Box was what the world needed, and we set around creating just that. Oh, and it was beautiful. 

I managed to escape the perils of the nine-to-five and make the Gin Bar my priority, but after six months of Rupert working full-time and back-to-back weekends of us dragging the gin bar up and down the country to various food festivals and shows, we were suitably knackered, slightly richer and most definitely thrilled that the season was over, but hadn't done anything on the house.


So we started. Turns out that the sixties decor hid a multitude of sins. The built in wardrobes were built so far into the roof that they pulled the ceiling down, the three layers of tiling on the bathroom flood hid copper piping that all needed replacing, and the wiring, well, the wiring was quite simply dangerous. Thankfully, we had help in the form of my superhero Dad, his friends and of course, all the family. 

It's now the end of March. We started renovating in September and we have managed a full rewire and new plumbing, as well as getting the Master bedroom completely finished. The office is on its way to being complete, and we have set ourselves the challenge to have the sitting room and bathroom done before we even start on the fire engine... in May.

Challenge accepted.