Feeling rather official

The benefits of running my own business, from home, may I add, is that the structure of my working day is down to me. My day starts and ends when I want it to, though I am quite disciplined in my approach to work and for the most part do an 8am - 5pm day, I make the most of my breaks...

Instead of the more traditional coffee, tea or cigarette breaks, I like to remove myself from my work and for just ten or fifteen minutes intervals, change tasks completely. Some days it can be a play-with-the-dogs break, others it can be a stain-the-skirting-board or strip-some-wallpaper break (you'll learn more about these escapades in my next blog post). My favourite, although it doesn't happen often enough! - is a build-an-ikea-flatpack break. 

I must admit, researching little bits and bobs for the Max is one of my most favourite pastimes, and this week, I decided that we needed a logo. I thought, momentarily, that I would revive my artistic side, dig out my pens and pencils - and perhaps even a splash of watercolour here and there - and then, I thought better of it. After all, I've only got fifteen minutes... this business don't run itself. 

I kind of knew what I wanted. Something traditional and vintage looking - like it could easily be transferred to a restaurant or garage at the side of the road in fifties America. Something that said exactly what we are - Fire Truck Camper - and something that had a somewhat accurate picture of Max on there too, all combined into a nice little circle. Not picky, am I?

Now for those of you that haven't heard of Fiverr, I suggest you look it up. In short, Fiverr is a worldwide network of freelancers offering services from Graphic Design to Relationship Advice (yes, the latter shocked me too.) And the prices start from, yes, you guessed it, a fiver!

In actual fact, the prices are in dollars, so it's actually cheaper than a fiver. I think my logo cost me £4.33 in the end, which I thought was a bargain. There were plenty of designers to choose from as well - and I opted for someone with around two and a half thousand five star reviews, and offered two initial designs with unlimited edits for this price. 

Though the first design came back with a Fire Engine that didn't really look like Max (the wheel base was too long), I asked for a redesign and sent a picture of Max sideways, and in another 24 hours, the final design returned. I was not disappointed! 

Check it out. 


Well, what do you think?