Gin of the month: April

It’s April and therefore Spring has Sprung! Well, apparently! Let’s hope the Beast from the East is gone and we can now look forward to sunny days and plenty of gin in the sun! April’s gin is The Lakes Gin and is the perfect spring tipple. Situated in the heart of the Lake District, you could say that this gin is the “Spirit of the Lake District”. Currently, the team are working towards ensuring that it is entirely green distillery that is proud to commit to a zero waste production and sourcing local produce for the botanicals. This includes locally grown juniper as well as more unusual ingredients like, Bilberry, Heather and Hawthorn. Google tells us that Bilberry is good for improving eyesight, so in other words you’d be mad not to drink this gin. It’s medicinal!

At first sniff we get the fresh citrus botanicals. The tasting notes for the gin are very promising and on first read could sound a little contradictory: big; clear; fresh; citrus; floral; complex; vibrant and fruity. Based on that, we honestly didn’t know what to expect when drinking, but we were not disappointed. The first adjective that came to our minds was ‘fresh’. It is certainly a smooth drink that can be drunk on its own - that is actually how the distillers recommend it - chill the bottle in the fridge and serve neat on the rocks. We disagreed on the flavours though, Steph thought there was a little spiced hint to the gin where as Michael thought it was more citrusy. That was the real beauty of this gin - no overpowering flavours, rather you are able to pick out the flavours that you are drawn to. 

We tried with a Fever Tree tonic in a 1:1 ratio of gin to tonic. We found this added a creamy flavour and really lended itself to being a smooth drink. The Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic brings out more sweet flavours in the gin, which we personally preferred. The gin is confident and bold enough to hold its own without a garnish, however the distiller's recommend an addition of pink grapefruit helps to bring out the citrus taste.

We also tried it in a long drink with some fresh mint and elderflower tonic (or cordial). This was a deliciously sweet and refreshing drink, perfect to enjoy in the sun, if it ever comes back! The Lakes Gin is so versatile we think it would please any gin drinker. The recent ‘gin-aissance’ that is currently underway means everyone is a gin connoisseur - you know what types of gin, tonic and garnish they prefer and we think The Lakes Gin would please all!

We also got to sample the latest in an ever-growing list of Gin Liqueurs that The Lakes Distillery is releasing: The Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur. New this month, at 25% ABV, it’s stronger than other gin liqueurs we have tried, but because the gin is so smooth, it remains soft and flavourful. The gin is sweet tasting as you would expect from this marriage of flavours. It is beautiful straight, works well with tonic, Rose Lemonade, and of course, prosecco. The Lakes Distillery also have Damson, Elderflower and Sloe Berry Liqueur that we think would be equally as lovely!

Overall we think this is a great versatile gin, it’s a great base for any gin based cocktails or a classic G&T or your favourite mixer. It would be a happy addition to any drinks cabinet, we actually bought it for a mother’s day gift and it went down a treat!

The full rage of Lakes Distillery products are available on their website: