Gin of the month: August

Are you even British if you don’t talk about the weather?

What a glorious few weeks we have been having, I hope you have all been taking some time in the sunny weather and enjoying the Great British outdoors. That is what inspired August’s Gin of the Month, Sing Gin. The Yorkshire Dales was the muse for Ian Thompson and his family, who live in the beautiful Kettlesing which gave inspiration for the name. Particular inspiration came from Fountain Abbey and it’s gardens which can be seen in the gargoyle that features on the bottle.

As the bottle and branding suggest, Sing Gin is a sophisticated and elegant gin. It is a soft and silky smooth drink that has sweet floral notes. The distinct difference in taste can be attributed to the fact the key botanicals - including juniper, orange peel, mint, and flax, are hand-crushed meaning they unlock the flavours and aromas more. We think that this made a big difference and let other flavours come through from the gin without it being too heavy a juniper taste.

Another attribute to the distinctive flavour is Sing Gin is made from grape spirit rather than grain. This changes the flavour and adds that silky smoothness to the taste.

It is because of this we believe the gin is best savoured like a fine wine. The recommended serve is with Mediterranean tonic and either Mint or Orange Peel. A top tip if you are ever using mint as a garnish, give the mint a few claps in your palm, it really opens up the flavour of the mint and makes you look like you work in a fancy cocktail bar too! We liked both orange peel and mint and so it is ultimately up to personal preference. We would say the gin does not really work with lemon or lime garnish it overpowers the delicate flavours.

If you fancy mixing it up and really making an impression with a gin cocktail, here are our favourites.


  • The Sing Mojito - Using a tall glass fill it with ice, add 2 measures of Sing Gin, a handful of mint leaves, a teaspoon of sugar and top up with soda water, give it a good stir.

  • The Sing Fizz - 2 measures of Sing Gin, 1 Measure of Elderflower cordial, top up with Prosecco.

We feel we need better names for these cocktails, especially with a name like Sing Gin, there are plenty of puns available. Feel free to send your suggestions in!

Overall this is a perfect everyday gin, it is classy, versatile and will suit any occasion. It is just as nice on its own as it is in cocktails with other gins. It definitely is a Gin to Sing About!