Gin of the month: July

July is finally here! We have Wimbledon, more World Cup and hopefully some sunshine to enjoy this month as well as our Gin of the Month, Gorse Gin, a product of the small coastal town of Lundin Links in Fife. This excites us because we too are originally from Fife. To set the scene Lundin Links is in the East Neuk of Fife just south of St Andrews. It is a beautiful part of the world that has gorgeous beaches, world famous fish and chips and since 2017 has been the producer of Gorse Gin.

Like the name suggests, this gin’s headline botanical is the locally foraged gorse flower.  But this isn’t the whole story: with 18 botanicals, there’s a lot of flavour and a lot to love. Some of botanicals include both Italian and Macedonian juniper, elderflower, chamomile, cinnamon, grapefruit and bitter orange.  We found the gin is naturally sweet and floral on the nose, with as you can imagine, a complex flavour. Keep this in mind when tasting it. It took us a few swigs to really appreciate the complexity of the taste. This is a good tip for trying any gins, some may take a few mouthfuls before you appreciate the flavours.

The recommended serve is mango, which is both unusual and will look incredibly impressive at any dinner party to serve a G and T with Mango rather than the same old ice and a slice. The Mango brings out the fruity flavours and in this heat wave we are having at the moment is totally perfect! We also tried it with pink grapefruit and mint and both also worked. The mint tended to bring out the floral flavours and the fruit brings out the sweetness.

We would say we agree with the recommendation of a mediterranean tonic or if not an original tonic. The light tonic just doesn’t work as nicely, perhaps you just need that little sugary boost that these tonics have.  Gorse Gin can stand up to a tonic and won’t be drowned out, add it to taste. We like it at a roughly 50:50 ratio. The mediterranean really brings out the floral notes and coastal origins of the gin, and the original tonic lets the fruity sweetness flourish, so it’s just whatever you prefer!

This gin reminds us a lot of the coast and it has a lot of similarities to the Isle of Harris gin. So if you are a fan of that then this is definitely the gin for you. There is an after tang, like the sensation you get after eating a lemon sherbert. The tasting guide also says the after taste is reminiscent of dark chocolate and bitter orange, which although we didn’t quite get this flavour, we would agree the gin is as smooth and as moreish as good bar of chocolate.  It’s overall flavour we would describe as being complex and flavourful without being too overpowering.