Gin of the month: June


If we had to use two words to describe Cooper King it’d be Game Changer. We loved it. This is a new Gin on the market, we were lucky enough to have a bottle from Batch #2.  The eco friendly Yorkshire distillery was set up in 2014, by Abbie and Chris who were inspired after a trip to various distilleries in Tasmania. The name comes from that of the founders great-grandfather’s. We think it adds to the overall classy but quirky branding.

On the nose it is a sweet floral smell, a bumblebee in a wild flower garden comes to mind. The botanicals include lemongrass, lavender, cumin and the distinctive honey, many are locally sourced.  Initially it is recommended to try the gin straight, on the rocks - honestly we think this is the best way to have it. The honey makes it deliciously smooth to drink. There is no overpowering of alcohol or the after burn tang. It is as smooth as a warming honey liqueur. You can taste the cumin coming through adding a little tingle to your taste-buds.

We recommend you add tonic with caution; the tonic works a little like when you add water to whisky to open up the flavours. When you add the tonic the citrus, lemongrass flavours become more subdued and the spicy cumin flavours are opened up. We recommend a maximum ratio of 50/50 tonic to gin. We learned this the hard way and initially drowned out our first taste. The recommended garnish is lime which we agree with to bring back the citrus taste. An alternative serving is with a sprig of rosemary or coriander and slice of cucumber which we are yet to try but we think it would work so well with the floral notes.

The smooth taste comes from the combination of two spirits to suit the botanicals. One is a rich malt spirit and the other is a smooth wheat spirit. These flavours marry together with the locally sourced botanicals (including the honey which comes from the family beehive) to great the delicious gin.

We also should mention the bottle. We love the unique pattern on the inside of the label shining through the gin. It makes an interesting addition to any gin bar and would be great to add some fairy lights to when the bottle is empty; which at the rate we are going may be sooner than we initially thought.

This definitely needs to be added to your “gin to watch out for” list.  It is a superbly smooth gin that would be perfect to serve after dinner.  The extra bonus is that for every bottle of Cooper King Gin sold, 1 square metre of woodland is planted, this combined with the distillery’s 100% green energy usage, means you are basically saving the planet one bottle at a time!  It gets the stamp of approval from us!