Gin of the month: October

Right, we’re not going to lie about this: Stirling holds a special place in our hearts. Steph studied at Stirling University and therefore classes it as her second home. Stirling is home to the iconic castle and since 2015, Stirling Gin. It is the iconic castle that inspired this month’s Gin of the Month - The Green Lady Liqueur which is named after the legendary ghost of the green lady who has been seen wandering the grounds of Stirling Castle and watching over the city. It is said that The Green Lady was a Lady in Waiting to Mary Queen of Scots and perished in a fire saving her beloved queen. The perfect gin for Halloween!

The liqueur is made with Stirling Gin, fresh Scottish brambles and locally sourced mint. It is all natural colours and flavourings. For us we are instantly reminded of a rumberry mojito when drinking. The brambles bring a sweet, fresh and smooth taste, which works with the crisp mint flavours. The flavours just work together so wonderfully and it is such a delight to drink. The natural sweetness means it’s not a sickly sweet like some gin liqueurs can be.  

We have a few serving suggestions and think it will work well in all seasons. The liqueur would be perfect enjoyed neat on cosy autumn nights. Equally we love it when it’s added to some prosecco for special occasions - or as we like to call them... weekends! We also really love it made up into a mojito with a tall glass of crushed ice, 2 measures of the liqueur and topped with soda water, a squeeze of lime and a mint sprig garnish. This is a very easy cocktail to make and certainly one that would be the envy of any of your cocktail-bar-loving friends!

We love the story and branding of this Folklore Collection, which includes The Green Lady and Red Cap - a raspberry liqueur named after a mythical gnome like creature. The artwork was designed by Leith based artist Ritchie Collins and is so beautiful and distinctive, perfectly capturing the mystical charm of the stories the liquers represent. The creation of the liqueur was a lengthy progress, in which the distillers took time to perfect the correct ingredients and to get the balance of flavours just right - we think it’s been worth the wait!

You will be able to hear more about the story of Stirling Gin when they host a masterclass at the Gin Fayre’s upcoming St Andrews event. We also are eagerly waiting to hear about the progress of the renovation of the ‘Old Smiddy’ in Stirling City Centre into a new distillery and visitor centre. We highly recommend this liqueur as one for the cabinet and with December fast approaching it is a great gift for that friend or relative that you have no idea what to buy for. After playing around with recipes and serves, we are going to take a bottle to an upcoming gin party with friends where we each need to bring a bottle of gin to share and sample and we know it’ll go down a storm!