Gin of the month: September

Summer 2018 is going to go down in history as the summer of Pink Gin! Everyone seems to be drinking it. Even those who ‘aren’t into gin’ can’t resist. Did we not say before, that no one doesn’t like gin, you just haven’t found the right one! This month we had the gorgeous Malfy Gin Rosa to sample and we think it is definitely up there in our top 5. Since the beautiful pink bottle arrived on our doorstep earlier this month, it is all we have been able to talk about.  Anyone remotely mentions gin and our next words are ‘you need to try this!’ 

For those not familiar with the Malfy brand, they are Italian distillers, where according to their website, is the home of gin. The story is that Italian monks added ‘Ginepro’ (juniper in Italian) to an alcohol base and the rest as they say is history.   Beppe and Denis are the chief distillers in the Northern Italian distillery, an area famous for fine wines, spirits and foods. The gin is created using local juniper and other botanicals alongside the prominent pink grapefruit and rhubarb infusions. 

Upon popping the cork of the bottle you are hit with a sensational smell of the sweet grapefruit and rhubarb.  You could sit and smell it all day, but then no good story started with I smelled a good gin the other day! It smells fresh and fruity and not too floral. 

It is drinkable neat, on the rocks, and we would suggest a pink grapefruit and rosemary garnish to compliment the flavours. The rhubarb and grapefruit work together to bring a natural sweetness that marries with the tanginess too.   Sometimes we have found pink gins to taste a little too artificial and sugary, but this Malfy Gin Rosa does not have that.  We think a Mediterranean tonic works the best with it to balance all the sweetness from the gin with something herby, which is why the rosemary addition also helps. 

If you are looking to jazz your drink up even further we would suggest adding some of this to your Champagne or Prosecco to create a pink gin fizz. Alternatively, a Rosa Martini with a splash of vermouth would be lovely on a weekend evening relaxing at home with some chilled out music. Our favourite cocktail is the Pink Lemonade: 2 parts gin, 1 part Limoncello topped up with soda water and served with a wedge of lime and a raspberry. It is divine! 

This is a classy pink gin.  It’s pale pink and when you add tonic, the pink colour of the spirit is barely noticeable. We love the simplicity of the Malfy branding, the frosted bottle and distinctive blue label make a beautiful addition to our Gin Bar! There are 4 different Malfy Gins, Original, Blood Orange, Lemon and the Rosa one, we are sure the others are just as well crafted as this one! 

This is one gin you wont forget in a hurry, it’s distinctive flavours are so memorable and moreish that you may find your bottle emptying quicker than you anticipated! If you are looking for a gift for that friend of yours who’s always talking about gin, we definitely recommend a bottle of Malfy Gin Rosa!