Good things come to those who wait

Oh my goodness, it's July. Not even the beginning of July; it's the 20th. There are only ten days left in the month and then summer is almost over. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing it away, I'm just wondering where on earth the time has gone?! It feels like two minutes ago that I wrote about The Extraordinary Travelling Gin Company and why we named the Fire Truck Max back in April...

Since then, things have been happening: you'll be pleased to know that we haven't paused the conversion project in favour of doing the house, but rather, put the house to one side in favour of renovating Max. I've been having conversations on and off since we bought Max back in April 2016 with a TV company who were really interested in filming us and our journey with Max from fire engine to camper van. Unfortunately though, it does mean that we aren't able to post anything on social media about the progress of the van until the release date - which is some time next year! We've already had two solid days of filming (just finished day #2 yesterday!), so I will let your imaginations run wild as to what's been going on with Max.

I am still documenting everything and taking lots of photos, so once it has aired, we will be able to showcase our progress over the last and new few months. Until then though, my lips are sealed (kind of...)! 

Jasmine Wheelhouse