Make Something Bloody Marvellous: The Gentle Art of Mixing Gin

This week we have been enjoying some experimentation in our Gin Bar. We have been lucky enough to have a preview for the new cook book for Gin: Make Something Bloody Marvellous - the Gentle Art of Mixing Gin. The book is about combining gin with the splendid flavours of the British Countryside and has been written by the people behind Jam Jar Gin, Faye and Dan Thwaites. Jam Jar Gin is exactly what it says on the jar - Gin served in a Jam Jar. Although we are yet to try it it sounds delicious.

When creating the book Faye and Dan worked with the cocktail expertise of bartender extraordinaire Keivan Nemati (The Zetter Townhouse & The Drink Factory) and chefs Megan Roberts and Steward Mackie from Harvey Nichols and the book shares ideas that come from the drinkable and edible results of their experiments together. It is filled with a whole host of different cocktails as well as recipes for making different flavoured gins, syrups and garnishes. It also features some delicious sounding recipes including a Gin Lemon Drizzle Cake which we are itching to try. The recipes recommend you use Jam Jar Gin but other gins can be used too. We really love the beginning of the book with advice and tips for the technical art of Gin mixology.  It’s a helpful and easy guide on how to make some great components for your cocktail repertoire, recommending what to have and how to use it.

We tried out some of the recipes (substituting ingredients where needed). The cocktails all have very simple names which is what we like.  Secondly we love how it is encouraging you to use fresh ingredients. Firstly we tried the Rhubarb, which consisted of some Rhubarb Gin, Lemon Juice, Rhubarb Syrup and Soda Water. We didn’t have Rhubarb Syrup, so substituted it for Rhubarb cordial and added a little more than the recipe suggested. It was a punchy refreshing drink and a nice and easy sunny-day cocktail. We also loved how it only required a simple stir and no cocktail shaking.

Feeling confident and a little merry, we tried Daisy. Something I learned from the book is Daisy is the name given to cocktails that feature a spirit and orange liqueur. Fun Fact: Margarita is spanish for Daisy. The Daisy cocktail is very simple: Gin, Orange Liqueur, Lemon Juice and Sugar Syrup. It is quite a ‘potent’ cocktail so is best drunk slowly. I found I needed to add a little more sugar syrup than the recipe required but that is of course personal taste. It is of course very citrusy, which is always good.

Thirdly we tried one of the most simple recipes in the book - Pink Gin. We’ve said it before: 2018 is the year of Pink Gin. This is a classic recipe however; Gin and Bitters - we recommend if not using Jam Jar Gin here, use a gin that is drinkable neat. The bitters does change the flavours and makes it more complex. It’s worth trying next time you’re having a gin to see how it changes up your favourite gin.

Overall we were really impressed with the book, there is a wide variety and we cannot wait for summer to come back around when we can use more ingredients from our garden to experiment more!n The book is released on 5th December and can be preordered on Amazon