The perfect match

It seems that the world is on a quest to find the newest and most exciting gin brand to stock their cupboard; the one with the most unique flavour, the one with the coolest bottle, the one from the farthest corner of the planet…

Okay, it sounds a little like we’re reeling off Friends episodes, but you get the idea – and we’ve noticed a little problem. Whilst we’ve all committed ourselves to this worthy cause, we have managed to overlook a teeny, tiny detail…

The tonic.

Yes, that’s the one. The other half of the mighty duo; the partner in crime; the batman to its Robin; the T in G&T! The silent partner. Some would argue that it’s the T that actually makes the G&T. And so, in light of this, we’ve found some of the hottest new tonic brands for you to try, allowing you to give the ‘T’ the attention it deserves…


London Essence Company

Launched by the team at Wisehead Productions, The London Essence Company’s boasts being the first all-light mixer collection and have hit the market with a Ginger Ale and three elegant and very different tonics; Classic London Tonic, Grapefruit and Rosemary Tonic and Bitter Orange and Elderflower Tonic. All mixers have less than 20kcal per 100ml and 4g of sugar per 100ml.

Comments: We enjoyed the different flavours of the London Essence Company’s range. In particular, the Grapefruit and Rosemary Tonic was delicious – and definitely tasty enough to drink on it’s own. The Ginger Ale worked well with a spicier gin, as it complimented, not overpowered, the flavour of the gin.

The London Essence Company’s range of mixers are available at Harvey Nichols, Waitrose and Ocado. More information can be found on their website:


Bon Accord

Founded in 1909, Bon Accord is a brand with a history! Anyone who grew up in Scotland will remember their fleet of trucks delivering soft drinks and cordials to communities all over the nation. After closing their doors in 2000, the great, great, granddaughter of the original founder simply couldn’t let this iconic brand fade away… And so, in 2016, Bon Accord was relaunched. Reimagined for adulthood, Bon Accord now produces naturally sweetened soft drinks and mixers, including a Cloudy Lemonade, Sparkling Rhubarb, Ginger Beer and of course, a Classic Tonic.

Comments: The Bon Accord Tonic Water contains slightly less quinine than regular tonic waters, meaning that it’s a bit less bitter and allows you to actually taste your gin. The Sparkling Rhubarb is definitely one of our favourites as a standalone drink, but is a great, naturally sweetened mixer as well.

Bon Accord’s range of soft drinks are available at specialist retailers across Scotland. More information can be found on their website:


Sekforde Drinks

The Sekforde range is complete with three bold botanical mixers for Rum, Gin or Whiskey. Created by husband and wife team Tom and Talula, the brand was born out of a need to have a new way to enjoy their favourite spirits, that didn’t mask the flavours.

Comments: The Sekforde range is something very different, and one I would highly recommend for those who say they ‘don’t like tonic’. Much less quinine means that the flavours are less bitter and really allows the flavour of the gin to shine through. Just make sure you pair with a premium gin and one that you could happily drink neat, otherwise you’ll be in for a shock…!

The Sekforde range are available via 31Dover, Harvey Nichols - or, if you are in London, Borough Wines. More information available on their website:

Lamb & Watt

Founded in Warrington in 1847, Lamb and Watt created cordials and syrups using the finest ingredients available. Whilst not much is known about Mr Lamb and Mr Watt, their legacy has been revived and done so in style with a new range of tonics, made with ancient mineral water from the Lake District: Original, Cucumber, Basil, Hibiscus.

Comments: The Lamb & Watt range present some really interesting flavours. The original tonic was quite refreshing and suited a range of gins, though we were blown away with the Basil Tonic. Refreshing, crisp and true to it’s name – if you love this herb, you will absolutely adore this drink.

The Lamb & Watt range are available at specialist retailers and events across the country, as well as on their website:


¾ oz Tonic Maison

Created in Montreal, Quebec, ¾ oz. Tonic Maison began as a creative project for entrepreneurial friends, Hannah Palmer and Alexandrine Lemaire. Soon it became their full-time endeavour, and they set out to ‘let everyone know that tonic is just as important as gin’. Made in micro-batches, Tonic Maison is a syrup created from a mixture of cinchona bark, citrus and spices that is designed to naturally enhance the uniqueness of the gin it is paired with.

Comments: We were really excited to try ¾ oz. With crisp, clean, branding and a dedicated following on social media, as soon as we saw them, we knew they were something completely different. It is a syrup, meaning that you build your drink like a cocktail – adding the spirit, syrup, sparkling water and then stir. Okay, it’s slightly more effort than your traditional G&T, but the flavours it produces are unique - somewhat old-fashioned – and makes it worth it. Plus, makes you look like a true connoisseur in front of your friends and family!

¾ oz Tonic Maison is currently available online: and ship all over Europe. 



The Fentimans brand has been around for over a hundred years, and pride themselves in the fact that their approach to brewing hasn’t changed much since they started. They use a process called botanical brewing, with recipes and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Comments: Fentimans is definitely one of the more well-known brands on this list, and it is one that we really enjoy. Their website boasts the provenance of all the ingredients used in their recipes – which is something that we love. Their range is vast: from traditional Tonic Water to Bitter Lemonade, Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime, we can guarantee there is something for every taste!

The Fentimans range can be found in farm shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and supermarkets worldwide. To find your nearest stockist:

Inginius Tailored Tonic

The Inginius range presents two small batch, craft tonics: Classic and Citrus Sweet, both developed with a particular style of gin in mind. Developed in collaboration with John Gordons, a gin bar in Cheltenham, UK, the idea behind it was to create a tonic designed to perfectly compliment the range of craft gins on the market.

Comments: These two tonics do exactly what the say on the label. The Classic Tonic is a perfect accompaniment to your more traditional London Dry Gin – it is crisp, clean and refreshing – whereas the Citrus Sweet is made with rich citrus ingredients and goes well with a bathtub style, genever or Old Tom gin. 

Tailored Tonic is available online to purchase: