We are Family! 🎵

There is absolutely nothing better than family and mine is probably one of the best. Honestly, no matter what crazy idea I come up with or what spur-of-the-moment, "are you crazy" purchase I make, the fam are always behind me 100%.

As you will know, we've been given a deadline for Max's completion date which is in a couple of weeks time.. YES, I'm not lying! It is going to be tight. And whilst we can't post many photos online as yet, (all will be revealed in the new year, I promise!), it's been all hands on deck here.


Almost every night after work, my super hero father arrives, tools in hand, ready to commence another long night of building. He doesn't have to do it and of course, he has his own opinions on how best we do things, but like every father and daughter relationship, he always comes around to my way of thinking...


And although she doesn't get the heavy lifting or the power tool jobs, my Mum is there to make things look 'just-so'. For the past month, at least!, she has listened to both me and my father chat away about the Fire Engine like a pair of broken records and our plans... I'm certain it gets boring but she (almost) never mentions it! Here she is helping out - on her lunch break, I might add!

And then, there's the rest of them!

@marina_dooney: for just getting involved and helping whenever and wherever you can! For all that American banter and for adopting my 'we'll figure it out on the way' kind of attitude...

@jonathanwheelhouse: for making everyone laugh and being the man with a plan. West Highland Way? Yes. North Coast 500. Yes. Everest? Yes.⠀

@dawnmjoseph: for all those snacks passed over the hedge, keeping both @rupertj31and I alive on Saturday mornings... we're far too busy to make bacon sandwiches!⠀

@Kevin_r_joseph: for just arriving on those cold Saturdays when I'm sat in the van on my own listening to @tinaturner on full pelt, and 'giving me an hour' to help insulating, that turns into three!⠀

@rubymjoseph and @lillie.joseph: for arriving after school and asking the layout of the van on a weekly basis and checking in on their bedroom to make sure we’re on track...