Our very first outing...

Well, we’re back from a hectic few days in London at the Country Living Magazine: Spring Fair. Held at Alexandra Palace, this was the Scottish Spirit Consortium’s very first outing and we are delighted at the results.

We were joined by: Orkney Gin Company, The Gin Bothy, Highland Boundary and Avva Scottish Gin.

The Earles team headed down to London the day before the event started, in a car journey fuelled by coffee, sweets and ridiculous car games. Five hours later, sufficiently caffeinated and slightly delirious from setting off at 5am, we arrived at Alexandra Palace. Setting up was a dream (although there was a slight mishap involving a twisted ankle, but that’s a story for another post), the stand and our custom built bars came together nicely and looked brilliant - even better than we had imagined.

Over the course of the following three days, we met so many different people attending the show who were passionate, interested in and keen to try the different products on offer. The mix of brands offers a variety of different products and flavours - from liqueurs, to navy strength gin, to a botanical spirit for those who didn’t enjoy the taste of juniper as all. Each brand offered something different and it was a testament to how well a range of products can work seamlessly on one stand - customers were delighted that we had brought a taste of Scotland all the way to London, and were keen to learn more about the brands and the Scottish spirit industry in general.

Overall, a huge success, and we simply cannot wait for the next one!