Gin of the month: May

We are heading to sunnier climates for May’s Gin. Nordes Gin originates from the Northern Coast of Spain. The bottle is incredibly striking with the opaque white and blue branding, although it didn't initially hit us as being Spanish, it's not until closer inspection revealed the origin which is helpfully highlighted. The name Nordes refers to the North Atlantic wind that blows across the region. The gin is definitely unique and memorable and this may be due to the spirit used. The majority of gins are created using a neutral grain spirit. Nordes is made using an Albariño-grape-based spirit.

On the nose the gin is sweet smelling and very floral. It's a tangy sweet like sherbet but not sickly - like being transported away to a Mediterranean lemon grove with views of the hills on a warm summer’s day.  It tastes very similar to how it smells, a bold sweet floral gin, making it unique for us. It's got a nice balance to it so it doesn't fit into one category - a complex mix. It's definitely a special gin, not one you'd have everyday and one to sip slowly and appreciate.


It's quite hard to describe the whole flavour of the gin because it’s so unlike anything we've tasted before; it's always a nice surprise to get a gin like this!  Traditionalists may not approve of this rather contemporary flavour: if you weren't looking, you wouldn't know there's juniper in there at all. So if you've not been a big fan of gin in the past, this is definitely worth trying.

We think a Mediterranean tonic with a twist of lemon and/or a little mint works well. The fruity garnish complements the subtle citrus sweetness and mint to wrap up all the floral aspects of the flavour.  If you're laying in the garden lapping up those rays, a long Nordes with a premium lemonade would be lovely. Mix it up again and have a light tonic and some red berries also works a treat.

We think this gin may be divisive amongst Gin fans. The flavour is memorable but for many may be too overpowering, we read one review that compared it to your granny's guest soap. We say don't mock it ‘til you try it. Add it to your Gin wish list and dare to be different!