Cocktail Series: Rhubarb Sparkler

It’s here!

No, not the weekend, although that is here as well, but Rhubarb season! The first season, at least. It’s the forced season, which sees rhubarb grown under pots in the ‘rhubarb triangle’ around Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. Its stalks are watermelon pink, with pale lime green leaves, and it is the more tender and delicately flavoured of the two. The second, called maincrop rhubarb, is grown outdoors, and arrives in spring. Its stalks are a deeper red, tinged with green, and its leaves a brighter green. It has a more intense flavour and a more robust texture than forced.

To make this delightful, summery drink, you can use either crop. Why not try it with both to see which you prefer?


50ml London Dry Gin

35ml rhubarb syrup (recipe below)

20ml lime juice (or half a lime, squeezed)


METHOD (Rhubarb Syrup)

  1. Add two parts rhubarb, one part water and one part sugar to a pan and boil until the rhubarb has stewed.

  2. Strain the syrup through a muslin cloth, so no rhubarb can sneak through!

  3. Bottle and cool.


  1. Fill a highball tumbler two-thirds to the top with ice.

  2. Add 50ml gin, 35ml rhubarb syrup, 20ml lime juice.

  3. Top with soda.

  4. Garnish with a wedge of lime and a rhubarb stalk, if you’re feeling fancy!

  5. Enjoy!, (and repeat!)

Jasmine Wheelhouse