Gin of the month: January

Happy New Year! Hope you are full of the festive spirit and your New Year’s Resolution is to sample more gin! We have been enjoying Lin Gin, the first product of Linlithgow Distillery, recently established by husband and wife team, Ross and Alyson. However, this is more of a community gin, with over 100 local ‘tasters’ enlisted to help sample and refine the correct balance of botanicals for the gin.

The full list of botanicals is a closely guarded secret, however what we do know is that the botanicals that make up the unique taste of Lin Gin are all foraged locally from the canal, loch and meadows of Linlithgow. One prominent botanical is Meadowsweet which gives the gin a rich, sweet floral aroma. The distillers describe the gin as having ‘unique, spicy and citrus’ flavours. We feel, however, that this is simplifying the complex flavour and it doesn't fit into the categories of a citrus or a spicy gin. This flavour reflects the diverse history and character of Linlithgow.

The gin is pleasantly surprising, each tasting brings out a different flavouring. After initial tastings we said it was quite a savoury gin, the peppery notes were coming out. We therefore paired it with a Fentimans Rose Lemonade and some pink peppercorns. Even if you try with the pink peppercorns and a regular tonic, they helped the subtle sweetness of the gin and complemented the pepperiness.  It is a beautiful short drink; being so unique it certainly holds its own as a drink to enjoy at any time of day.

The recommended serve from the distillers is a small piece of orange, which also does work, but they themselves recommend trying out different garnishes and tonics. We tried a Fever Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic, this tonic is so flavourful that not many gins can stand up to the tonic. Lin Gin manages to keep its savoury flavour so can contrast the lemony tonic and we loved this combination. This is where we found more of the citrus notes came out. Lin Gin is a superb all rounder gin for whatever you’re in the mood for.

Lin Gin is a beautiful craft gin that encapsulates everything that is brilliant about community spirit. The bottle shows the distinctive skyline of Linlithgow adorning the long necked bottle. The batches are handwritten on the bottle and it is ‘crafted with the spirit of Linlithgow’. Linlithgow Distillery have a lot more planned for the future. You can help with these plans by becoming a member and be invited to tastings and exclusive events. We cannot wait to see what’s next!