Introducing: SSC

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Recently, we’ve been looking at ways to help the brands that we work with branch out into different markets and areas. Having created The Gin Fayre in early 2017, Earles has worked with over sixty different gin brands from across Scotland and beyond. Despite being new to market, many of these brands have seen amazing traction in their local area with customers changing their regular tipple to support local makers and businesses. However, outside of the local area - and indeed Scotland - it can become very difficult for brands to see the same level of traction, and that’s exactly why we created the Scottish Spirit Consortium - to help!

The Scottish Spirit Consortium was created as a response to the growing needs of small distillers and brands with big dreams!

We know that new brands struggle to compete with the big boys when it comes to exposure, marketing and attendance at events outside of the local area. Often, time, budgets and manpower mean that brands can’t be where they want to be… and that’s where we come in.

The Scottish Spirit Consortium aims to relieve the stress and hassle around attending larger events by spreading the cost between likeminded, complimentary brands and by offering a flat-fee package incorporating everything from stand fee to custom built stands, set-up and de-rig and stock and POS transportation.

All the events we attend are evaluate on a case-by-case basis and presented as such. We do the research beforehand to ensure that all brands are getting the full story behind the event, footfall, figures and everything else, before booking in. We then get there, set up, allowing brands to take as little time out of the business as possible, by simply arriving at the event and doing what they do best - talking about their own product!

First stop, Country Living Magazine Spring Fair, London!

SSCJasmine Wheelhouse