The ideas jar


It would be unfair of me to lie and tell you that when Fin joined the company in January 2019, I approached the new starter training schedule with an err of caution. ‘Don’t scare him away with all your ideas, Jasmine’ , I heard, not only from my own conscience, but from those in real life who know me well enough to know that I have a tendency to overwhelm people with said ideas.

My plan was to introduce ‘The Ideas Jar’ which, is exactly what it says on the tin. Ahem, jar. Note: this is a not a physical jar, but rather a Slack channel - one of many. We each throw in our ideas into the jar over the course of the working month - anything from the smallest change in the company to the biggest, most wild and world-changing ideas. Once a month, we would pull a few ideas out of the jar, discuss them and pick one to move on. That was the plan, anyway.

Instead, on day two of his induction, I threw out all of my ideas - bringing up things I had thought about and not done anything with since early 2014 - which Fin met not with a face of dismay - like many of my family and friends do - but instead with joy! He saw my ideas and raised them ten fold. I liked it.

Four months on, and The Ideas Jar concept still exists in the form of a Slack channel, but these days, we’re more likely to put something in it, and immediately pick up the phone to discuss. The benefit of working in a small, close knit team and growing business is that we have the power to change our schedule to work on a project that’s only just come in and needs immediate action, or we can take some time to work on our own ideas and projects.

So far, the Scottish Spirit Consortium has out come of the jar, so it’s certainly doing it’s job!