Jasmine graduated the University of St Andrews in 2013 with an experience that was much more than academic. Having lost interest in the study of literature quite early on in her degree, she found her passion lay elsewhere. A natural born-entrepreneur, Jasmine embarked on a number of projects - Sir Richard Branson fronted the cover of her first magazine, and she took the helm at Scotland’s largest vintage fair - before following the crowd to London and getting an office job.

Somewhere between then and now, The Gin Fayre was born, and - over one too many gins - Jasmine took the leap into running Earles full time. Under her, Earles has gone from strength-to-strength and - like Jasmine - shows no signs of slowing down.

She can usually be found in a 1970s Mercedes Fire Engine (yes, you heard that right!), galavanting around Scotland, the Lake District or doing a bit of DIY.

Ski convert. Gin drinker. Sporadic purchaser.



Many of Fin’s stories begin with, ‘when I was a…’

Lifeguard, club promoter, DJ, tour manager, whisky ambassador, brand manager, glamorous film producer… The list continues and the stories don’t stop. His career should span decades, but instead he’s a head of wisdom and experience on young shoulders.

Having only joined the company in January 2019, he has hit the ground running. His passion for the Scottish spirit industry is in abundance, making him the perfect man to head up the Scottish Spirit Consortium.

Fin is most at home working far and away and on the road, and if he’s not there, then you can find him at the climbing wall.

 Car lover. Dad dancer. Kilt wearer. Buffet enthusiast.